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/ 16 pages
Golden Eagle Falconer, Eagle Falconry, Hawking with Eagles, Eaglehunter.
Golden Eagle Falconer, Eagle Falconry, Hawking with Eagles, Eaglehunter.
Alan Gates Golden Eagle Falconry hawking
Golden Eagle Hunting Eagle Falconry Hawking Articles
Falconry Prints, Eagle Pictures, Kazakh Eaglehunters, Vadim Gorbatov,
Falconry Equipment from around the world at
Falconry Links, Falconry Magazine and falconry books,
Eagle Falconer Photo Gallery, Falconry in Mongolia, Falconry in China, Falconry in Kyrgyzstan,
Contact British Eaglefalconer Alan Gates
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Falconer Conservationist use falconry techniques to save birds of prey
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Beach Bird, Passage Peregrine Falcons Bruce Haak
Falconers save peregrine eggs and return chicks to the wild.
Falconers help save Red Kites by hatching wild taken eggs.
America/ 26 pages
American Falconry Gallery
Morley Nelson with Slim his Golden Eagle, Morlan Nelson.
American Golden Eagle, Cleo
American Falconer, Bruce Haak
Hawking Prairie Chickens in USA
Hawk Trapping in the USA
Alan Gates traps a wild goshawk in the USA
Alan Gates with a wild trapped Sharpshin hawk
Trapping hawks, bownet trap, USA
American falconer, Charles Schwartz
Gyr Falcon used in American Falconry
American Pointer dogs for falconry
Falconry in the High Desert of Western USA
Golden Eagle eyrie, nest in USA
Eagle nest in Quarry
Jack and Connie Oar, good friends and good falconers
Wild West spare bedroom
If you have any complaints !! See Jack Oar
American Eagle Falconer, Jack Oar
Herman Goring's Goshawk
American longwing falconer, John Dahlke.
David Frank's Falconry rig, American style.
Car hawking with Ornate Hawk Eagle.
American eagle falconry with Charles Browning.
Wyoming supply store.
Angel, Ornate Hawk Eagle, falconry trained
China/ 1 pages
Falconry in China, Saker falcon, goshawks, sparrow hawks, merlins, Manchurian falconry
Goshawks/ 16 pages
Chinese Goshawk Falconry
Naxi Falconer of Lijiang, China.
Falconers Yard, Lijiang, Yunnan, China
Falconry in the foothils of the Snow Jade Mountain
Chinese Falconer in Yunnan.
Chinese falconer with Goshawk
Hawk traders in China
Qinghai Falconer in China
Falconers bus in China
Chinese Falconer and British Falconer meet
Falconry in Central China
Lost Hare goes to ground
Goshawk feeding on a kill
Goshawk kills a hare
Hare Hawking in Central China
Chinese goahawk falconers
Manchu/ 16 pages
Manchu Falconry in China.
Ancient Manchu Falconry
Manchu falconer China
Northern Manchu falconry
Falconry in Manchuria, China
Falconry in Northern China
Falconry, North of the Great Wall, China.
Chinese Falconry today
Manchu people love falconry
Goshawk falconry in Northern China
Falconry Tail bell used in China.
Guan Mao Hood for falconry
Digestive roughage for raptors as used in China
Hawking in Manchria in winter
Pheasant hawking in Northern China
Weighing a trained hawk
Searching/ 11 pages
Searching for Chinese Falconry
Chinese Street Finches
Chinese Kite Hawk
Chinese bottle gourds
Chinese singing cricket
Chinese Saker Falcon, TuHu
Chinese Great Grey Shrike
Street Market Goshawk
Chinese Merlin falconry
Goshawk training, Chinese style
Street Goshawk, night training
SparCorm/ 16 pages
Magpie Hawking and Cormorant fishing in China.
Street Hawking in China
Bird Market in China.
Sparrow Hawk trained for Falconry in China.
Flying Sparrow Hawks in China
Flying Sparrow Hawk from bicycle in China
Sparrow Hawk falconry in China
Hooded Sparrow Hawk used in falconry.
Trained Shrikes used in China.
Cormorant Fishing in Lijiang, China.
Cormorants in Yunnan, China.
Cormorant Fishing on Poyang Lake, China.
Fishing village in China.
Poyang Lake Cormorant fishing, China.
Fishermans house in China.
Yang Shuyun, Chinese Cormorant fisherman.
TuHu/ 16 pages
Chinese Saker Falconry, TuHu Falcons, Peasant farmer falconers.
Chinese falconers village
Chinese meal of Dim Sum
TuHu falconry, getting ready.
Chinese TuHu Falconry, looking for hares.
Chinese falconry, the flight and the chase.
Chinese Saker Falcon hunts hares.
Chinese TuHu falcon catches a hare.
Chinese peasant farmers enjoy falconry.
Chinese farmer falconer.
Chinese farmer with dogs and falcon.
Falconry and coursing in China.
Saker Falcons for falconry in China.
Chinese TuHu wearing a Guan Mao hood.
Chinese falconry today.
Chinese Goshawk and Saker Falcons.
Dog/ 21 pages
Hawk Dog Gallery, Large Munsterlander falconry dog. Großer Münsterländer
Siouxzee Large Munsterlander with American Redtail hawk eyas
Working Munsterlander and Redtail Hawk
Golden Eagle and Munsterlander working dog
A great hawking team is established between dog and hawk.
Pointing dog Large Munsterlander versatile working dog.
Training a Golden Eagle with a Large Munsterlander
Golden Eagle works the hill high above my Munsterlander
Transporting a Trained Golden by 4x4Eagle
Munsterlander water dog
Working dog, Munsterlander, hawking dog
Gracie, Large Munsterlander for falconry.
Large Munsterlander working woodland and moorland.
Large Munsterlander works farmland for gamebirds
Pheasant hunting using a Large Munsterlander
Large Munsterlander on heather moorland
Roe deer and a Large Munsterlander
Trained goshawk and Large Munsterlander gundog
Goshawk on bow perch with Large Munsterlander dog
Goshawk on pheasant with Large Munsterlander
Hawking team, dog and goshawk. falknerei grosser münsterländer
Eagles/ 16 pages
Eaglefalconer the gallery of my Golden Eagles
Golden Eagle falconry in England
Ivan, Male Golden Eagle in the Channel Islands
Golden Eaglet, Golden Eagle young
Maria female Golden Eagle in her early Days
Eagle Hawking On The Hill
Golden eagle foster Mum
Seasons First Golden Eagle Egg
A Golden Eaglet hatches in captivity
A Golden Eaglet in the hand
G'Kar male Golden Eagle at three weeks
Golden Eagle and Goshawk young imprints
G'Kar, male Golden Eagle Hooded
Learning about hares, early eagle days.
Hunting with a Golden Eagle in the UK
Hill Hawking with Golden Eagles
Goshawk/ 10 pages
My Goshawks Photo Gallery of trained Goshawks
Spike my male German eyas Northern Goshawk
Zeena the Russian Goshawk
Trained Goshawk on the lure
Munsterlander and Goshawk, working dog and hawk
A Finnish Goshawk called the BobFinn
Otto my Swedish Goshawk
Goshawk training flights on a creance
Small male trained goshawk was dynamite
Zeena and Spike my goshawks
Kyrgyzstan/ 21 pages
Kyrgyzstan Eaglehunters, Kirgiz Eagle falconers.
Apple Sellers in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan guide and driver
Lake Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan home of the Eaglehunters
Eagle Monument in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyz berkut, kyrgyz hunting eagle
Three berkutchi and Alan Gates in Kyrgyzstan
Hooded Berkut, Hooded Golden Eagle
Berkut feet, Golden Eagle feet and talons
Fox Hunting in Kyrgyzstan
Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan
The long horse ride in Kyrgyzstan
Two berkutchi riders with berkuts
Acek, the Kyrgyz Eaglehunter
Snowing in the Kyrgyz mountains
Kyrgyz hunting dogs
Turkeys in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyz rural women
Kyrgyz food, Besh-Barmak
Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz horses
Kyrgyz berkutchi looks for foxes
Mongolia/ 26 pages
Mongolian Eaglehunters, Kazakh eagle falconers
Ulan Bater, Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia
Mongolian Steppe country
Lake of Ice, Acit Nuur, Winter in Mongolia.
Shoeing a Horse Kazakh style
Nomadic Kazakh flock of sheep and goats
Alan Gates with Mongolian Berkut
Alan Gates with Kakiyat, Mongolian Eaglehunter
Mongolian Kazakh Eaglehunter
Alan Gates hunts Mongolian Style
Fox Hunting with eagles in Mongolia
Manai, Mongolian berkutchi, Mongolian Eaglehunter
Mongolian Kazakh Horses
Kazakh Eaglehunter, Mongolian eagle trainer
Mongolian horse saddle
Mongolian Eagle Festival
Eagle Festival eaglehunters
Mongolian Kazakh Berkut
Winner of the Kazakh Eagle Festival 2001
Berkutchi Eaglehunters with their Golden Eagles, Berkuts
Aralbai and son, Kazakh Eaglehunters
Kazakh Family, Father, son and grandson all eaglehunters
Soltankhan Mongolian Kazakh berkutchi eaglehunter
Marco Polo Sheep Mongolia
Mongolian Berkut with Hare
Mongolian Kazak Berkut with a Fox
Articles/ 15 pages
Flying a Golden Eagle in the Channel Islands
Flying Golden Eagles
Kazakh Berkut Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia
Hawking with a Golden Eagle on the Yorkshire hills
Taking a Golden Eagle from the eyrie
Golden Eagle falconry in Britain
Falconry on the Camas prairie
Hunting with a Golden Eagle in Mongolia
Breeding Golden Eagles
Morlan Nelson is a hero in many ways
Falconry adventures in the West of America
Large Munsterlander for Falconry
A wonderful working dog for falconry.
Wu Di A Chinese falconer
Hawking in China