Kyrgyz fixers

No journey into the unknown to meet and live with the local people is going to run smoothly without the help of good contacts on the ground.
It is essential to do as much research as you can before leaving home if you want a trip to flow without time wasting hold-ups.

Some people enjoy an adventure type of holiday to be experienced with friends or a group of people from their our culture.
I must admit to prefer to go it alone, well almost.

Here are my support team for my journey across Kyrgyzstan. Raphael, on the left was the owner of the fine Nissan truck and our driver. He only spoke a few words of English but had a mischievous sense of humour which I enjoyed.
Daniyar, was my guide and interpreter and had planned this trip for me over a year or more from emails I had sent him. He had a more serious outlook on life and his religion but still enjoyed a lot of mutual leg pulling.

It is always a relief to learn that the people you are about to rely on and live with are good company and experienced.