Mongolian Kazakh Eaglehunter

North Western Mongolia in November, this is a good month to go hunting out of the short hunting season.
I have been hunting in Mongolia in October, November and December and although I enjoyed every time I visited I must admit that November was probably the best due to the climate.

If like me you are use to a temperate climate as I am in the U.K. then the deep winter of December, January and February can be a bit of a shock.

Rarely is there snow on the ground in October and without the advantage of tracks to follow it can get a bit warm flushing boulder clad hills. Riding with the warm midday sun on your back can soon have you wishing you were not clad in a goosedown jacket. As soon as the sun drops or is hidden by cloud or a slight breeze springs up then the down jacket becomes vital.

November is cold enough for snow, and its cold enough to make you glad you spent all that money on high tech survival clothing. The eagles are also now tuned in and fit, and usually have a few foxes accounted for, so the sport is good if you find your quarry.

December can be much harsher and the temperature can still be as low as minus 30 c on the shady side of a hill at midday. Add a bit of breeze to that and it can get a little uncomfortable.