Large Munsterlander on point

“Siouxzee” developed a stylish pointing stance and often looked magnificent to my eyes when locked on to a good scent.
She never developed the trait of lifting a front leg for fur game or a rear leg for feathered game, or visa versa. She was a front leg dog.
I could always tell when she was onto a productive point, nothing would move except a slight quiver of the tail. Oh, her eyeballs would rotate in their sockets as she tried to watch me approach. If she moved her head at all I knew it was most likely a fresh vacated scent.

Once I was in position with the hawk on the fist I would give her the command “flush em out” with a gentle kick of the cover and she would launch herself with such vigour into the heart of the deepest cover.

If the cover extended over a large area she developed a tactic by herself, on the command of “flush em out” she would race around to the opposite side and enter the cover, flushing the game out closest to me and the hawk.

She was a true hawk dog and hunted with such a natural instinct which had only come from years of good breeding.