Hawk Dog Gallery.
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Munsterlander with eyas hawk
Large Munsterlander with hawk
Munsterlander with eagle
Alan Gates and Hawk and dog
Munsterlander pointing
Siouxzee with Redtail eyas
Saying Hi
With G'Kar
Jerry, Siouxzee and I
In the wood
Eagle and dog   Munster on the hill   Eagle and dog in vehicle   Munsterlander swimming   Munsterlander Working dog
With G'Kar in training
On the hill
Going Home
Working in water
Good to jump
Gracie, Large Munsterlander
A new start.
In Woods and Moors.
Working the farmland.
Pointing the hedgrerows.
On the Yorkshire Moors.
Deer Control.
Young Goshawk.
Becoming relaxed.
Early Training.
In the field.
Alex Benn
Digital Artwork                
Video's of Gracie can be viewed at www.vimeo.com/eagleal
Also many pictures of her growing up can be viewed at www.alangates.co.uk/Gracie