Dog and Eagle in a van

A four wheeled truck was a great asset in getting to the hill country where I flew my eagles on a regular basis. Over the years I had adapted the vehicle to accommodate the eagle both in comfort and security for both eagle and myself.
Now a dog was part of the team I need them both to travel safely. The box crate method is one that I have trained most of my eagles to accept whilst in vehicles. This set-up is just the latest version, the crate slides forwards to make it easier to lift the eagle out. The perch underneath the crate slides out and is a great place to attach the tail transmitter to the hooded eagle and change to flying jesses.
Underneath is a large drawer in which I can store glove, hood, receiver and all the other clobber a falconer carries or needs “just in case”.
The red plastic box is for quarry and eagle food and once everything is in place the wet dog would jump up to her bed along side the eagle crate.

It worked fine for me.