Chinese Goshawk Falconry Gallery.
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Naxi falconer in Lijiang
Falconry in Lijiang
Hawking near Jade Snow Mountain
Naxi Falconer
Lijiang falconer
Meeting Mr.Li Shi
At home.
Jade Snow Mountain.
Mr. Herr
Li Shi with Gos.
Hawk trader
Chinese falconer
Bus full of falconers
Alan Gates with Chinese falconer
Hare hawking in China
Street Seller.
Mr. Ma
On the bus.
Mr.Ma and I
Hill Hawking
Digging out a hare
Hawk feeding
Goshawk feeding
Hare caught
  The days catch
Gone to ground.
Feeding on a kill.
Holding the tail.
A good hare.
Two good hares.