Chinese Sparrow Hawk Falconry and Cormorant Fishing Gallery.
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Bike hawk perch Market sparrow hawk Sparrow hawk on screen in China Sparrow hawk in hand Hawking from a bicycle
Bike perch.
Sparrow hawk in the market.
Sparrow hawk on screen.
Sparrow Hawk in Hand.
Hawking from bicycle.
Sparrow hawk catches magpie  
Sparrow hawk in the dormatory
  Chinese shrikes   Cormorant fishermen in Lijiang   Cormorants on a boat
Sparrow hawk with magpie.
In the dorm.
Two Shrikes.
Cormorants at Poyang Lake   Fish drying at Poyang   Washing in Poyang  
Cormorants in the garden
Cormorant fisherman
Poyang Lake
Drying fish.
At rest.
Yang Shuyun.