American Gallery.
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Molan Nelson with eagle
Cleo, Female Golden Eagle
Bruce Haak, American falconer Bruce Haak, Idaho falconer Hawk Trapping ridge
Morley & Slim
Bruce Haak.
Bruce & Roscoe.
Trapping Ridge
Alan Gates with a trapped goshawk
  Alan Gates with a trapped sharpshin   Hawk trap, bownet   Charles Schwaltz American falconer  
Falconer with gyr falcon
Gos in Hand
Trapped Sharpshin
Charles and Jelad.
Hooded Gyr.
Falconry dogs  
Alan Gates with peregrine
Golden Eagle Eyrie
Eagle nest in quarry
  Jack and Connie Oar with Alan Gates
Dogs & Falconers.
Taking a break.
Eagle Eyrie.
Do not disturb.
Jack and Connie.
Cabin bedroom   Complaints button  
Jack Oar with golden eagle
Goring's Goshawk
John Dahlke, Wyoming falconer
My bedroom.
Any Complaints
  Jack with eagle  
Goring's goshawk
John Dahlke.
Dave Frank falcons   trained Ornate Hawk Eagle   Charles Browning with eagle   Wyoming store  
Trained hawk eagle
David Frank's rig.
Jon & Ornate.
Charles and Messiah.
Wyoming Store.
Female Ornate.